Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Gotink, especially during one of your “aw stink I’m out of ink“ moments……..We’re chuffed you have.


The first thing you should know is that we go way beyond the fight against fading ink. In fact, selling printer cartridges is only a small part of what we do. We are predominately here to buy you more time. Some may think that sounds ridiculous. To those people we say “Agreed”. In saying that, what we think is more ridiculous is taking a chunk of time out of your day to buy cartridges the traditional way. The better option, we think, is to do it all online. That way your to-do list shrinks a little bit further with a fraction of the effort.

Although, being the type of guys who aim for the sky, we weren’t happy to stop there. To really drive our flag into the summit, we decided we had to have the easiest printer consumables website in the world. After countless beginnings in Square One and month after month of iterations and emails, we now have what you see here. We seriously encourage you to race against the time of a kettle boiling, or someone serving everyone ice creams. The speed of ordering is just as amazing as the time you save doing it with Gotink..