Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Gotink, especially during one of your “aw stink I’m out of ink“ moments……..We’re chuffed you have.


The first thing you should know is that we go way beyond the fight against fading ink. In fact, selling printer cartridges is only a small part of what we do. We are predominately here to buy you more time. Some may think that sounds ridiculous. To those people we say “Agreed”. In saying that, what we think is more ridiculous is taking a chunk of time out of your day to buy cartridges the traditional way. The better option, we think, is to do it all online. That way your to-do list shrinks a little bit further with a fraction of the effort.

Although, being the type of guys who aim for the sky, we weren’t happy to stop there. To really drive our flag into the summit, we decided we had to have the easiest printer consumables website in the world. After countless beginnings in Square One and month after month of iterations and emails, we now have what you see here. We seriously encourage you to race against the time of a kettle boiling, or someone serving everyone ice creams. The speed of ordering is just as amazing as the time you save doing it with Gotink.. 


No more' aw stink I'm out of Ink' moments

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Aw stink!

Looks like we have lost this ink

But never fear we may be able to specially source this for you. Nothing gets us more excited than a challenge.

Call us on 0800 297 8465 or send us a message from the contact page – let the adventure begin…


Shipped within 24 hours

Free Shipping

As it is obvious every way you look at GotInk, we like to make ordering printer consumables really, really easy.  To this end, the cartridges come to your doorstep, free of charge on orders over $20^.  This happens overnight too, except on weekends of course (couriers have families like the rest of us). 

No longer do you need to squeeze your schedule, charge through crowds, pay for petrol, and tackle through traffic, in a frustrated effort to get those printer cartridges.  We’ve turned the ordering process into a moment long experience. You won’t have to wait in line on here, and as for the petrol and traffic, leave those inconveniences to the couriers. They’re trained professionals.

^Otherwise a wee $3 fee.

P.S. On occasion, getting cartridges out into the wilderness (others call ‘rural delivery’) may take an extra day. We think it’s because couriers get caught without their gumboots and stalk of wheat but the real reason is probably a lot more logical.


Quality Guarantee

Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee

When you see a ‘money back guarantee’, we bet you first assume teeth need to be pulled in the process. Well the good news is that when we combed through everything to make ordering ink easier than ever before, we didn’t stop at our website.

Our guarantee is that if you are not happy with a product, we will make it our mission to either replace it or refund you, free of any hassles. It doesn’t get any more simple or complicated than that. We definitely don’t want your time with GotInk to end in regret, so why let a cartridge get in the way of that? It would be like inviting a friend over to play PlayStation with only one controller. Or breaking up with someone for pronouncing “either” as “either”, instead of “either”. It just doesn’t make any sense.